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We Are The Solar Farms

We have two facilities located in Madisonville, Kentucky and Marion, Kentucky

Providing services to hundreds of people who need hosting for mining equipment.

Brief History

The project began in 2019 when the founder began researching cryptocurrency and it’s business applications. By 2020 a business plan was under development to mine cryptocurrency on a corporate level. The project was funded by the USDA and private investment in February 2021, at which point site selection began. Marion was the original intended site, but electrical issues made it impossible. An alternate site in Madisonville was chosen for it’s electrical infrastructure. By April of 2021 mining began. In May, through professional networking, it became obvious that there was a strong need for hosting for small farms and farms that use older equipment. In June a pilot program was started to prove the feasibility of the model. It went live in July and was full within 2 weeks with no advertising and no web site.

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